Could your team be in the Open Cup?

Could your team be in the Open Cup?

The Ohio Valley Premier League seeks out to bring high-level soccer at a low-cost to all members. The creation of the OVPL enables local communities and club to have their own "first team" like the world's game offers communities all over the globe. Players are given a pathway of development from U5 to U55! This pathway is important for young players to fully-implemented in a development system that pushes them to achieve quicker development than traditional US soccer structures.

As a member of the US soccer public, we should encourage people of all ages to continue playing. Youth clubs have forever focused on youth players, while the 18+ age group has left the game (unless they play in college). It is important to the OVPL that teams utilize a senior team to continue playing for those who have graduated out of the youth system.

For your team to be eligible apply for the USOC in 2021, your team will need to apply and be accepted to the U23 Ohio Valley Premier League for 2020. This is a great way to grow the game, honor players that have "graduated" from the youth system, and offer a chance to represent the community. 

Through sanctioning with US Club Soccer, the OVPL brings the nation's longest-running tournament to every local community. You and your club can bring the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup competition in your own backyard! Since 1913, the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup (USOC) has brought amateur and pros together to compete for one trophy. No other sport has a similar competition in the US, and the competition has never been bigger or stronger than today. For your team to be eligible apply for the USOC in 2021, your team will need to apply and be accepted to the U23 Ohio Valley Premier League for 2020. 

From, the modern era of the US Open Cup is considered from 1994 to present. The OVPL has competitors representing Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio for qualification into the prestigious tournament. Historians with provided OVPL with amazing statistics for these states. In the modern era, no open division qualifiers have ever competed in the USOC from Kentucky or Ohio, and only one has competed from Indiana.

Here is a list of USOC amateur appearances by OVPL-region:

Indiana – 2: Reggae Boyz FC – 2005 (USASA Region II); Indy Eleven NPSL – 2016 (NPSL)

Kentucky – 3: Louisville Soccer Alliance – 1993; Derby/River City Rovers – 2013, 2016 (PDL/USL2)

Ohio – 5: Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC – 2016 (PDL/USL2); Dayton Dutch Lions FC – 2010, 2019 (PDL/USL2); AFC Cleveland – 2016, 2017 (NPSL)

Through competition in the OVPL, your community can be in the history books as USOC competitors. Your club can help #growthegame. 

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About the OVPL

The Ohio Valley Premier League (OVPL) was created to operate a competitive soccer circuit offering the only adult amateur competition throughout the tri-state (Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky) region. Player development is a central focus of the League, as the League strives to promote the region at a national level.

The OVPL seeks to grow the game of soccer in the region by providing a highly-competitive soccer league for men, women, boys, and girls of all ages. The League is sanctioned through US Club Soccer and provides access to competing in the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, the nation’s longest running tournament.

About US Club Soccer

US Club Soccer will foster the growth and development of soccer clubs throughout the United States to create the best possible development environment for players of all ages in every club.