Ohio Valley Premier League Teams Up with Capelli Sport as Official Equipment and Apparel Supplier

Ohio Valley Premier League Teams Up with Capelli Sport as Official Equipment and Apparel Supplier


Ohio Valley Premier League Teams Up with Capelli Sport as Official Equipment and Apparel Supplier

March 4th, 2024 – The Ohio Valley Premier League (OVPL) proudly announces its partnership with Capelli Sport, a leading sports apparel and equipment brand, as the official supplier of equipment, apparel, and uniforms for the league.

Capelli Sport's dedication to quality and innovation perfectly complements the OVPL's mission to provide exceptional resources to its members. This collaboration marks an exciting milestone for the OVPL and its teams.

"Capelli Sport is thrilled to partner as the official equipment, apparel, and uniform supplier of the OVPL. As a growing brand in the Ohio Valley, there was no better partner to help us market our brand. We are eager to serve the league and its members all their uniform and apparel needs," stated Jared Harris, Capelli Sport.

The partnership between the OVPL and Capelli Sport is not just a collaboration but a commitment to elevating the league's standards of performance and enhancing the overall experience for its members. With access to top-quality gear and apparel, players and teams can focus on their game with enhanced confidence and performance.

"We are delighted to welcome Capelli Sport as our official equipment and apparel partner. This partnership signifies a significant step forward for the OVPL. It reinforces our commitment to providing our members with the best resources for success," stated Jason Brown, league co-founder of the OVPL.

As the OVPL continues to expand and flourish, this collaboration with Capelli Sport sets the stage for an exciting future filled with opportunities for growth and excellence both on and off the field.

For more information about the Ohio Valley Premier League, please visit ovplsoccer.com.

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About OVPL Soccer

The Ohio Valley Premier League (OVPL) is a competitive soccer league dedicated to fostering the growth and development of soccer in the Ohio Valley region. Committed to providing a platform for aspiring athletes and passionate soccer enthusiasts, the OVPL offers a high-quality, competitive environment for teams and players of all levels.

Through strategic partnerships, grassroots initiatives, and a commitment to excellence, the OVPL is dedicated to elevating the standard of soccer in the Ohio Valley and creating opportunities for growth and success for all involved.

About Capelli Sport

Capelli Sport is a global sportswear and equipment brand that provides innovative products for athletes and sports enthusiasts worldwide. Capelli Sport is committed to quality, performance, and style and offers a diverse range of apparel, footwear, and equipment designed to enhance athletic performance and elevate the sports experience.