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League Operations FAQ

  • Match Day Procedures

    I. Club match venue must measure at least 100 yards long by 68 yards wide. Clubs are encouraged to provide clean changing rooms, shower facilities, and towels at or nearby match venue. The host venue must have benches for each team and referee.
    II. Match results will be submitted within thirty (30) minutes of match completion. The match report will be submitted within two (2) hours of match completion.
    III. Please allot for match venue availability two (2) hours before kickoff and one (1) hour postgame. A match-day timeline is required to ensure consistency throughout the League.
    IV. Matches starting after 6:00 pm must have adequate lighting capabilities in the event of darkness, suspension, or postponement.
    V. Water must be provided by a host. It is required to have one (1) water cooler per team available at the pitchside with cups and/or bottles. Clubs are encouraged to provide water in the changing rooms for pregame, halftime, and postgame.
    VI. The League encourages hosts to provide meals following competitions. However, no Club is required to provide postgame meals for opponents.
    VII. Host Club is responsible for changing the kit if a clash occurs.
    VIII. Required Game Day Staff: certified health professional (ATC, MD), ball retrievers, scorekeeper/statistician. Recommended Game Day Staff: ticket staff, visiting team liaison, hospitality, social media coordinator, video coordinator.
    IX. Personnel allowed on the bench during the match: coaching staff (five permitted), certified medical staff, and available substitutes. Only players on the match-day lineup sheet are permitted on the bench.
    X. Represent the League, your Club, and yourself as professionally as possible. We are committed to growing the game and developing the soccer culture in each community. Please respect the game, opponents, teammates, referees, and fans.
    XI. The Ohio Valley Premier League shall comply with the IFAB Laws of the Game, and the only exemptions shall be detailed in this document.

  • Inclement Weather Policy

    This policy applies to all League members. Failure to follow this policy will result in disciplinary actions.
    Play will be suspended for 30 minutes if lightning or inclement weather is detected within 10 miles of the League match site.
    The site administrator, the Club representative on Duty, officiating crew, or athletic training personnel is responsible for making the call to suspend/resume play.
    Those responsible for the decision to suspend play will communicate with the League management about the suspension of play.
    Play can resume when no lightning or inclement weather has been detected for 30 minutes within 10 miles of the League match site.
    Fans will be directed, via PA announcement, to seek shelter if lightning or inclement weather is detected within 10 miles of the League match site. The League advises all member Clubs to post this policy to the website and match site for public knowledge to ease any suspensions or postponements.

  • Roster Requirements

    I. Rosters can include players as young as sixteen (16) and must turn the age by January 1, 2023. The OVPL will not limit rosters to any overage players (amended 2/28/2022).
    II. Players must be registered by the Wednesday before the match to be eligible to play. No players shall be loaned or transferred. Any player utilized via loan, guest, or transfer will result in a forfeiture of all games played.
    III. Rosters are limited to eighteen (18) players on matchdays.

  • Substitution Guidelines

    I. Each team is limited to seven (7) substitutions throughout the duration of each half. Once a player is substituted, no reentry will be allowed in half.
    II. Substitutions are allowed at any stoppage, with the referee's consent.
    III. Any illegal substitution or illegal player usage shall result in a 5-0 forfeit.
    IV. Referees must collect player cards before entry into the match. No card. No Entry.

  • League Schedule, Cancellations, Reschedules

    I. The OVPL schedule will be determined by the OVPL Executives.
    II. The OVPL will consist of an eight (8) to ten (10) game schedule from May 2022 to July 2022. Members should seek to play one (1) game per week. Any additional games per week must be approved with written reasoning on the schedule alteration.
    III. No team shall be scheduled to play two (2) league matches on the same day without approval by the OVPL Executives.
    IV. Teams shall immediately submit requested home dates, blackout dates, and conflicts to aid in scheduling. The OVPL Executives will try to accommodate all requests.
    V. League and team schedules should be available for the viewing of all league participants within a timely manner. All schedules should be updated publicly within 12 hours of any changes
    VI. Cancellations should be made within 48 hours of advance notice, or the canceling team shall be subject to referee fees, facility fees, and/or travel costs incurred by the opponent. Any cancellation made within 24 hours would qualify as a forfeiture and a 5-0 winning result for the opponent.
    VII. In the event of weather, all teams must submit facility policies to the League by May 1, 2022. The weather policy must be available to the referees and visiting teams on match days.
    VIII. All requests to reschedule an OVPL game must be submitted to the league administrator AND the opponent at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled play date. The Reschedule Request is subject to approval by the league administrator.
    IX. In the event of weather, a match that has been played will be considered a full match after the first half (45 minutes) of play. Teams can replay the match if replay, costs, and reschedule is mutually agreed upon. A grace period for inclement weather or extenuating circumstances is sixty (60) minutes; after this grace period, the match can be called off. The match can also be called dependent on the facility agreement and the allotted time permitted to play. (Amended 10/24/2020)

  • Field Requirements & Etiquette

    I. Each Club must submit a home field or fields for OVPL play. • If field does not have an adequate lighting system, the Club must not start any home matches after 6:00 pm.• Each field submitted must be a minimum of one hundred (100) yards long and sixty-five (65) yards wide.• If multiple fields are used as a home venue, the home venue will be identified when the schedule is announced.• Any changes in field location will require a minimum forty-eight (48) hour notice and possible travel reimbursement if there is over twenty (20) mile difference.• All Clubs must submit a Letter of Insurance to validate home venue(s).
    II. No venue may charge for parking for home games unless the OVPL Executives approve of said changes. Any request for approval of charging for parking fees must be requested to OVPL Executives two (2) weeks before the home match.
    III. In case of a cancellation, field unplayability, or travel accommodation, OVPL Executives may reschedule to a neutral location that the OVPL sanctions. If the OVPL Executives make a decision, no fines will be assessed.
    IV. In the event the facility owner or a field cancels a field permit is closed by the home Team/Club/League, the OVPL Executives shall determine as to whether the game/games shall be rescheduled or declared a forfeit against the home team.
    VII. V. The home and away benches shall be on the same field side. Only team personnel shall be allowed on the bench side of the field. Approved team personnel includes coaches, rostered players, athletic training staff and approved medical staff, referees, and media.